Monte San Salvatore

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The majestic mountain San Salvatore (912 m) rises into the sky of Lugano and offers a stunning 360° panoramic view. The Ristorante Vetta at its top is the ideal place for banquets and meetings.

Thanks to their exclusive location and high-tech facilities, the multi-use rooms are suited to accommodate from 6 to 100 persons for all types of meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops and VIP reunions. A complete technological infrastructure meets all professional requirements.

The seminar and business-lunch formula permits the combination of work and much needed relaxation with the pleasure of delicious but light meals. The funicular offers easy parking and reaches the mountain top in just 10 minutes with panoramic views from the carriages.

Meeting Package

Room Name


Monte Rosa

10 x 10m2 100 100 44 0 0 30


10 x 4.6m2 46 40 20 0 0 20

San Salvatore

5.5 x 9m2 50 45 10 0 0 20

Ristorante Vetta

0 0 150 150 0