Room A | Auditorium

Room A is a large amphitheatre that can seat up to 1130 people on two levels and is ideal for congresses, assemblies, performances, concerts and product presentation programs. The room is divided into stalls (740 seats and 70 additional chairs on the mobile stage, balcony (209 seats) and upper circle (111 seats). All seats (fixed places) are equipped with a pull out writing desk.

This space has a fixed stage and a mobile platform right in front (the orchestra pit), and may be easily reached from the outside square thanks to a hoist; it is equipped with a technical room for the control of sound, light and recording, simultaneous translation booths and a technical vanguard multimedia system. Through fiber optics connections, it is possible to connect several rooms of the Convention Centre, creating a single virtual hall with a greater capacity. The centre is fully air-conditioned and lights may be dimmed.

Technical details:

  • Stage: 17.5 x 10 m height 7-8.5m
  • Proscenium height 4-5.8m
  • Mobile stage / the orchestra pit: 12 x 4 m may be adjusted in height: 0cm, 30cm, 60cm, 100cm
  • Digital audio amplied sound system(Array system L+C+R)
  • Delay underbalcony loudspeakers, Sidefill in stage monitoring
  • Routing audio EtherSound
  • Predisposed for 48ch Yamaha M7CL48ES sound direction
  • DLP Full HD 10000 ANSI video projection (single or double projection)
  • Motorized screen: 8.8 x 6.5m
  • Sound direction, lights and recording
  • "Stage and profile" spotlights for spotlighting speakers
  • Simultaneous translation booths constructed according to international standards
  • System open to third party equipment; building and hall with fiber optic cabling syste
  • 9 dressing rooms of different sizes for artists, equipped with showers toilets and stage access
  • Hoist with access to stage from outside square (width 2.25m, depth 3m, maximum load 1000kg)

Room A

1150 m2   1130      

- Stalls


- Balcony


- Gallery


- Seats on mobile stage